The Museum of the Roses in Bulgaria

museum of roses in bulgaria

The Museum of the Roses
In Kazanluk, Bulgaria

Given that rose is considered as one of the symbols of Bulgaria, it is only fitting, and there is no doubt why this is the only place you can find a museum of roses.
In the town of Kazanluk in Bulgaria, the only museum in the world that is dedicated to the rose which is considered as an oil-yielding plant can be found and is now popular worldwide.
The first exhibition of Kazanluk’s roses was between the years 1967 and 1969. Later on, it was turned into an official rose museum when 1984 came and is the one and only rose museum that is known globally.

The History about Bulgaria and Oil-yielding Roses

South China is the motherland of oil-yielding roses, but it was more known in Bulgaria. The plant was introduced in Bulgaria by Ottoman Turks.
According to written documents, since the year 1650, loads of industrial quantities of oil-yielding roses were already being produced in Bulgaria. By 1740, a French company exported its first batch of rose oil from Bulgaria.
Bulgarian rose oil was a highly preferred raw product for the production of perfume by French perfume producers during that time.

What is in the Museum of Roses?

Here in the Museum of Roses contains original documents and photos that serve as proof for years of rose oil production. It will be seen here, photos and documents of Bulgaria’s rose oil production development, vessels that were used for storing and exporting rose water and rose oil, and the instruments used for rose oil production.
Up to date, the museum shows a rich collection of pictures, objects, and documents showing Bulgaria’s known rose oil production.
In 1912, restorations of the laboratory and rose warehouse were made in the museum. One of the highlights upon visiting the museum is the rose oil vessel that hasn’t been used since 1947.
It is amazing because up until the present, a strong rose scent can still be smelled around the said vessel.
Even now, rose picking is one of the most important events celebrated in the Rose Valley of Bulgaria. The most attractive and festive celebration in Bulgaria is the rose festival which began to be conducted in 1903 on the weekend of June which is the period of blossoming for Kazanluk Roses.
This celebration of Bulgaria attracts crowds both locally and internationally. The festival is also connected to several other events like festal processions, rose boiling demonstrations, an international folklore festival rose to pick events, and a crowning of a new rose queen.
The rose oil produced by Bulgaria is exceptionally high quality because of the great technology used for its production, which includes a process of intermediate cooling and double distillation method.
This the way wherein the yielding of the rose oil from rose water is done three times. Still, Bulgarian rose oil is the most preferred raw product to be used by French perfume producers.
Nowadays the Rose Museum is home to a vast number of memorable objects, documents, and photos about the rich development of the production of the oil-yielding roses in Bulgaria.
The museum now stores over 15,000 exponents and materials that are related to the rose production and rose to pick industry in Bulgaria. Truly, the museum is a reflection of the rose oil production development that continues its successes since the 1600’s up to present.
Thanks to the Rose Museum, people in Bulgaria can commemorate the significance of roses to their country.

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Inside the museum, visitors can find lots of things that they can take home to remember the rose museum.
Souvenirs, cosmetics, rose liquors, aroma oils, informational materials visitors might need upon visiting, and also rose jam is available to be purchased by visitors in the Museum of Roses in Kazanluk, Bulgaria.