Celebrating Art: UK Arts Festivals and Museums

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What is Art?

Art is what you would consider it to be. It can be seen around us. A keen vision can see art in every aspect of life. Nature, buildings, structures, even clothing can be considered as a form of art, your talents are forms of art.
Your mind can be the source of your visions, your heart can trigger any emotions that can lead you to form any sort of art. People can express what they feel, who they are, and their hidden thoughts through art. With this said, art is one of the many wonders people can see in our world.
Little may it seem to some; it can bring happiness and delight to anyone who would encounter the beauties of art forms all around no matter where they might go.

Why be Interested in Art?

Art itself is a form of self-expression. As a person, art can channel in your different emotions. It can come in any form, and whichever can help in relieving any heavy emotion you are feeling.
Dance your way out of pain, sing your happiness, express complicated emotions through painting, write something you can’t relay to anyone, empower, and inspire others with your crazy ideas.
These forms are all considered as art. Being interested in art can hone potentials that you didn’t even think you can be capable of. With art, anything can be possible. An empty canvass can be made into something beautiful; a lost melody can find its way. Art is any creation or talent that can be shown and shared to many.
Careers in the art are also blooming nowadays. If you are interested in the arts, you can also earn through it. Art careers are now growing, and you can use your potentials to be part of it.
Not only will you have fun and enjoy what you are doing, but at the same time, you can earn through your crafts and potential in arts.

About the UK’s Arts Festival and Museums

If you are an art enthusiast and happens to visit London, you surely hit the right place to see many forms of arts.
The UK has many structures and historical sites that can be offered. When in the UK you can experience a lot of festivals celebrating all forms of arts and this country is also full of museums that you can explore.

Art Festivals

One of the celebrated art festivals in the UK is the Edinburgh Art Festival. Founded in 2004, this was a way that the founder thought to bring life to the deserted place of Edinburgh during times of art festivals.
The festival became a platform for showcasing the visual arts that are found at the heart of Edinburgh. Everything, every form of visual arts came to life upon the founding of the festival.
The Edinburgh Festival features top artists, major survey exhibitions of great historical figures, and the best emerging talents along with some great artists leading internationally and in the UK.

British Art Fair

The British Art Fair, founded in year 1998, is also known in the UK for it is the only fair that is solely dedicated to modern British art.
Under a new ownership, the location of the fair was moved to Saatachi Gallery, a perfect location to provide magnificent backdrop to the most amazing modern British art.
Its doors will once again open this October 2019 to see the great masterpieces of British art from over 50 leading dealers who’ll be exhibiting prints, drawings, paintings, sculptures that is representing the significant artistic movement of the past hundred years.

London Art Fair

Founded by London’s Business Design Center in 1989, the London Art fair is the place where you would find and discover exceptional contemporary and modern day art of today, which to add can be bought.
The London Art Fair has first launched just 39 galleries in the UK and has continued a steady growth over the years that followed. At their latest fair last 2018th of January, they welcomed about 20,000 attendees in 130 galleries.

Brighton Festival

Brighton Festival, founded in 1997, has become one of UK’s significant symbols for producing, commissioning, and celebrating inventiveness and creativity over the past half of the century. Brighton’s Festival, as renowned for its uniqueness and inventive reputation, showcased the first ever concrete poetry to be held in the UK.
Now, known as one of the leading art festivals in the UK, is known for its ambitious and soaring programs continues to dazzle people with the city and country’s distinct cultural atmosphere.
The festival continues to draw and engage some of the most innovative art companies and artists not only in the UK but also around the world. These are just some of the many festivals you’ll be experiencing once you plan or happen to visit in the UK.
Aside from these bright and colorful art festivals, UK offers you museums and exhibits that can take you back in time, the beginning ages or art and will fill you in with any information about Britain’s colorful art history.

The Museums

london garden museum

To know about the popular museums, here are some of the known museums in the UK. Celebrating over years of culture, heritage, and art, these museums are no wonder loved and enjoyed by many.

Kelvingrove Museum

A museum that opened in the year 1901, Kelvingrove Museum became a favorite to both tourists and the locals of the area. It has a family-friendly ambiance and a great architectural atmosphere.
There are 22 galleries found here from art to animal forms, even from Ancient Egypt to Charles Rennie Macintosh they have it.

Scottish National Gallery

The Scottish National Gallery is home to some of the greatest art masterpieces in the world. Including works of Raphael, Rembrandt, Constable, Turner, Van Gogh, Monet, Botticelli, Titian, Gauguin, and many other famous artists.
They also feature the works during the history of Scottish painting that represents Wilkie and McTaggart, Ramsay, and Raeburn. The building where it stands comprises both the Royal Scottish Academy and the main National Gallery Building, which were historically built separated.
In 2004, both structures were intertwined, connected through the Underground Garden Levels.

Science and Industry Museum

Science and Industry Museum is a gallery dedicated to inspiring tourists or visitors with brilliant ideas that can change the world. The museum shows the greatness of both industrial revolutions of today and beyond that.
It is built on a site of the world oldest surviving passenger’s railway station, located it the heart of the world’s first industrial city, Manchester. Today it is brought to life with innovative and brilliant scientific and technological discoveries.

Riverside Museum

Glasgow’s award-winning transport museum, Riverside Museum has over 3,000 objects on display from paintings to cars and prams, skateboards and locomotives, and even a Stormtrooper.
The museum also has over 90 huge touch screen panels that are filled with memories, images, and films about the objects on display.

Merseyside Maritime Museum

Merseyside Maritime Museum found in the Royal Albert Dock in Liverpool. This museum contains a variety of objects that are aligned to the commercial and social history of Liverpool’s port.
Highlights of visiting the museum include maritime posters, paintings from the golden ages of liners, ship models, and even full-sized vessels. Merseyside Museum also features a major exhibition of the connection of Liverpool to the ill-fated Titanic and is home to both the Border’s Forces National Museum (basement) and the International Slavery Museum (third floor).

The Types/Forms of Arts

Art can truly come in any form of size or type. Expression of art isn’t just about simply writing, or painting something, capturing something.
Art is more than that. It speaks passion about your craft. Here are some types of art that are evidently known nowadays.


photography photographer

One of the most utilized forms of art nowadays is photography. The scientific definition of photography, it is art that captures light by using a camera, usually through films or digital sensors.
IF you have the right equipment, thus can capture wavelengths of light that are visible to human light. Some would say that it requires skills, but some would take photography as a hobby.
It is considered as a form of universal language because images that are taken can translate and mean so many. Unspoken words can be transcribed through the art of photography.


Painting is a form of art that you can manipulate. It will be up to you what you would want to do. This form of art can also relay messages through whatever image is formed.
Painting starts off with a blank canvass, tubes, colorful paints, and brushes, and of course a mind full of visionary ideas. If you are really into art, you should learn its different elements, textures, and techniques for you to be guided of what you wish to create.

Projection Mapping

projection mapping

A product of the innovative technology of today, projection mapping is a rising form or art. Projection mapping is a way of video projection wherein a video is being mapped and turns into ordinary day to day objects into interactive and beautiful displays.
When it was first introduced, it was only made for flat walls but thanks to the growing technology, it evolved and became available to any type of surfaces.

Garden Art

Even long before garden art was already a popular form of art to many. Starting off with your simple garden and turning it into a beautiful landscape using any material and even adding flowers and shapes to ordinary plants or shrubs, creating shapes with them.
Recycled materials can be used in designing a garden, and it is up to you what would be the theme and feel of your garden art. You can be creative and create the things you want to see in your garden.